Geology and Paleoenvironmental Analysis of Shales Using Its Fossil Contents (Amangwu)

Amangwu and its environment which is located within the Afikpo Syncline has shale as one of its lithostratigraphic units. The use of foraminiferal and palynological data in the lithologic units of Amangwu shale has helped in determining paleoenviroment. The result from six (6) outcrop samples analysed for foraminiferal and Palynological distribution shows that fossils like Ammoastuta nigeriana, Textularia biafrae, Ammobaculites amabensis, Miliammina onyeamensis, Ammobaculites pindigensis, Ammobaculites bauchensis, Textulariopsis gidankukaensis, Praebulimina Bantu, [Read more…]

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